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Camel Training for the Camel Milk Industry

Posted on May 28, 2015 at 6:50 PM

Camel Milk in Australia is a new and very exciting emerging industry.

In recent times, interest in this amazing product has more than doubled and with those already in the established cow diary industry becoming more and more interested in camel milk, the future is looking bright and lucrative to those who follow through with plans of creating their own camel dairy.

Camel milk has been described as the next new super food, even though it has been consumed for thousands of years.

Camel milk has also been reported to aid and assist with a number of medical conditions.

Camel milk is the closest type of milk to that of human milk.

The major issue new commers to the camel milking industry in Australia have is how to train the camel for such a venture. Without speaking the obvious, a camel is not a horse, nor is it a cow. Camels think differently and require their own brand of training techniques for a camel dairy to sucessfully become functional and profitable.

Astute business operators will employ the expertise of a specialist to train them to understand the camel, understand the techniques used for training camels, gain the tools for training camels and continue to get mentoring to ensure the success of their business investment. specialises in the training of people to train their camels using a method called, "The Trust Based Method for Training Camels".

This method offers the owner of camels the ability to gain understanding of the camel and the tools necessary for training camels effectively for industries like the emerging camel milk industry. Understanding and tools that can be built upon for creating a successful camel milking dairy of your own.

Go to the link by clicking on the photo below to get more information on training your camels for the Camel Milk Industry:


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