A World First
Outback Australian Camels

In September 2014, an exceptional group of women embarked on what they thought was a Yoga Camel Safari with Outback Australian Camels, Flinders Ranges, South Australia.

The yoga was accomplished as too was the camel safari with the group having successfully reached one of the wonders of the world, Lake Torrens.

Learning how to handle camels, load the camels and walking the dunes of the desert was all a part of the adventure but it was what happened along the journey that has made this 

5 Day Camel Safari so very unique.

The entire group became involved with the filming of a reality T.V. programme (non-commercial), of which there was no theme, no plot and no game plan in action, just a bunch of fun loving people willing to totally enjoy the moment!

The end result was a short film capturing the fun and laughs as well as creating a World First when having reached the very isolated and stunningly surreal Lake Torrens

Great times with a great bunch of people, who had travelled from all over Australia to enjoy the pleasures and challenges of a camel safari with Outback Australian Camels.

So.......without further a a-due, first the trailer for the film and finally the actual film.


Russell and Tara

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What was the World's First achievement with the 
Yoga Camel Safari 
Outback Australian Camels?

You'll have to watch the whole movie below, 
find the clues and discover the groups amazing achievement.

A World First 
in the 
Flinders Ranges, 
South Australia.

Outback Australian Camels
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and exclusive to

Australian Camels T.V.

"This video was designed totally for fun!
The ability to laugh at ourselves with good friends is a gift to share!"

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