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Camel Trekking Adventure Holidays in Australia

Posted on December 2, 2014 at 9:50 AM

So you've been to Bali, the Gold Coast and maybe even Europe for your holidays in the past. Travelling opens the mind and allows for a change in scenery. What's next? What other type of experience could you have that makes your holiday time a memorable one.

Already you are starting to think! What haven't I ever done before. What about my own country or if you are from overseas, what about the real Australian landscape.

Well, here's an idea I can almost guarantee you have never thought of before. 

What about an Expedition Style Camel Safari deep in the desert of Australia? My God! That sounds like a challenge. What a vast difference to sipping the usual cocktails in a resort overlooking yet another beach. So what exactly is an Expedition Style Camel Safari?

Camel safaris and Camel Treks for the tourist market in the past have been a number of days riding a camel going from pre destined locations to locations along a typical route or even desert tracks and are designed for what has been classed in the tourism industry as the soft market. This is where the participants are not stretched and challenged . Adventure tourism is different. Such adventures like the Kokoda Trail and hiking in the SW wilderness of Tasmania are examples of Adventure Holidays that require preparation, effort, determination and the ability to overcome challenges.

Expedition Style Camel Safaris are all of the above in so many ways.

The camels are the mode of transport for all of the food, water and camping equipment. The expedition leader is the navigator, the cook, the educator of the participants about the camel, handling the camels and acting as a guide for the participant to become fully engaged in the operation of the expedition. 

The big difference to a riding safari and expedition style safari is the level of active participation. The expeditioners do not ride the camel. The camels have their purpose which is to venture deep into the wilderness into regions that four wheel drives cannot go. With everything on the camels, all of the needs of the travelling part are met and the opportunity to discover country that has never been seen before rises dramatically.

Can you imagine being in a location that no-one else, not even the expedition leader has ever seen before? 

No Roads, No Tracks, No Tourists, No one but nature herself.

Now that's great trekking.

Expedition Style Camel Trekking and Safaris are not for everyone. Not everyone is up for such a challenge. However, some are prepared to stretch themselves, to discover the rewards of traversing the desert, exploring and discovering what nature has in stall for the true adventurer amongst us

We recognise that there is a need for the true adventurer who is looking for a camel trek full of challenges and adventure. That is why we have developed Outback Australian Camels. Allowing the adventurer to be a part of something very unique and different.

Are you one of the adventurers looking for your next holiday?

Have a chat with us. 

We know what camel trekking is able to achieve when the will is strong enough.

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