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International Camel and Cameleer Trainer Russell Osborne

Posted on April 11, 2015 at 1:35 AM

Russell Osborne, a professional cameleer trainer and camel trainer has been training camels since he began his own journey with camels. Using a very powerful training method called The Trust Based Training Method for Camel Handling, Russell and his partner Tara Lea can assist you and your team develop a successful camel riding / breeding / milking operation at your Theme Park, Adventure Park or even at your private zoo.

Enquire now at [email protected]  Please include what your inquiry is about, your camel and training requirements and what your goals are for your operation to be successful.

Below: Cameleer and Camel Trainer (Australia) Russell Osborne with the newly trained cameleers at Thailands Camel Republic Theme Park.

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