Being a Dad isn't easy. 

Home to work, work to home, trying to supply the family with all of their needs.

There is something that is missing and we all know it. It's simply our time with our kids before they grow into adults themselves and head down their own pathways in life.

Time with your son! 

There is nothing more valuable you can offer your son than that. 

 Nearly two years ago, I had become a Dad for the first time in my life. 

Upon the birth of my son, Owyn, to my partner, Tara, I knew that life had changed instantly. I now had a son who will one day grow up and leave the family home to forge his own way in life. Before that happens, I will be the most influential male role model he will ever have.

Having taught in Primary and Secondary Schools during a teaching career of fifteen years, I had seen many young boys grow into men, leave home and begin their adult life. I had also seen many fathers watching their sons leave home and all of them had wished for one thing, that they spent more time with their sons, especially in their teenage years which are some of the most influential years of a child's life.

I decided to create a camel trek specifically for Fathers and Sons to be together, work together, discover together and reconnect with each other whilst still in the teen years before the inevitable. That time when a boys time is considered by him better spent with his mates than with his Dad, the most influential person in his life.

Fathers and Sons as a team, will work together, converse and be in each others presence as they are assigned a camel to look after for the week, grooming the camel, loading and unloading the camel and walking and discovering the desert environment as we trek through the wilderness with the pack camel team.

We look forward to YOU spending TIME with YOUR SON on the Father and Son Camel Trek.

Russell Osborne



This May Be The Most Valuable Week 
You Will Spend With 
Your Son


June 1st - 5th, 2015


Beltana Station, Flinders Ranges

South Australia


Valuable Time With Your Son

Discovering a Unique Part of Australia Together

Learning New Skills Together

Working Out Problems and Issues Together

Re-Discovering Each Other

Working With Trekking Camels Together

Re-Defining Relationships Together


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