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Russell Osborne


Trust Based Training is the gentle art of training a camel where both the camel and the trainer are connected in a two way relationship of trust, friendship and understanding.

CEO of Outback Australian Camels, Transcontinental Cameleer and Desert Explorer, Russell Osborne, has a goal of training as many cameleers as possible with the Trust Based Training Methods.

"It is the only method of camel training I know of whereby the relationship built between camel and handler and vica-versa is paramount. Discovering who your camel is and them discovering who you are is a gentle, loving, respectful and most of all, a trusting process. The long term rewards and outcomes are amazing!"

  • If you have recently purchased a camel and never had a camel before.
  • If you don't want your camel to learn long lasting bad habits.
  • If you want your camel to want to be with you, not fear you.
  • If you want your camel to be on a pathway towards training success.
  • If you would like to better manage your camel on your property.
  • If you would like to learn how to "work" your camel.
  • If you would like a loving and trusting relationship with your camel.

Trust Based Training is for You and your Camel!

We are dedicated to sharing the Trust Based Training Method of Camel Handling to as many people as possible and we can come to you!

Email us at [email protected] and lets discuss how we can assist you with your camel training.


International Camel Training 
Cameleer Training

  • Does your Safari Park, Adventure Park or Exotic Zoo have camels and you would like to develop a riding operation, a breeding operation or even manage your camels for another specific purpose?

  • Would you like to have camels brought to you from Australia for your park or zoo?

  • Would you like your staff to be trained into camel handling using the Trust Based Training Handling Method of Camel Handling?

Drop us a line. 

We are only too willing to assist with all of your camel requirements, training and camel export to your Safari Park, Adventure Theme Park or Private Exotic Animal Zoo.

Features Of The 
Trust Based Training Method for Camels



  • Understanding Who Your Camel Is
  • The Camel Understanding You
  • Understanding the Boundaries
  • Understanding the Process of Thought
  • Understanding the Methodology
  • Understanding the Camels Needs
  • Understanding what a camel likes and dislikes

Love and Respect

  • Knowing the Camel Wants a Loving Connection
  • Loving Your Camel Respectfully
  • Respecting Each Others Requirements
  • Respecting Each Others Boundaries
  • Caring for Each Other in a Genuine Loving Way
  • Growing with each other.
  • Respecting the Process of Progress

Trust and Friendship

  • Developing a strong two way trusting Friendship
  • Understanding that trust is Paramount
  • Releasing Ego 
  • Working Together as one
  • Removing sources of Fear
  • Long Lasting Positive Results.
  • Developing a Life Long Friendship


Why Is Trust Based Training 
Superior To Other Training Methods?


  • Totally non violent. (Love, trust and respect are the key to success)

  • Is instrumental in the development of a trusting two way relationship            between camel handler and the camel.

  • Encourages the highest level of two way respect.

  • Develops a high level of understanding of needs and                                      requirements.

  • Creates a loving and trusting bond between handler and camel.

  • Can be built upon for greater achievements.

  • Trust Based Training is about being gentle and caring.


Want to Know More?

Whether it be to do one of our courses in the outback or for us to 
come to you and train you and your camels 
on your property.....

Click on the button below, fill in the details and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.
We want to help you develop the best possible relationship between you and your camel.


Other Courses Available:

Camel Expedition Training Course

Click on the video below for more information:


For more information on this course
Click on the button below:


Outback Australian Camels
Mission Statement

  • To create a unique experience for the adventurer, nature and animal lover.
  • To evolve in such a way where human and animal connections are the core of our operation.

Our aim:

  • To be uniquely Australian.
  • To be an experience like no other on the adventure market.
  • To entice lasting positive memories.
  • To encourage the ability to rediscover the inner self.
  • To encourage the reconnection between nature and ourselves.
  • To provide a pathway for a loving and awe-inspiring bond between the camel and the human to take place.
  • To provide pathways for the expansion of knowledge about the camel and nature.
  • To provide opportunities for camel expedition and trekking education.
  • Most importantly, to create a community of caring, like-minded people who have developed a passion for the camel and are working on projects that are beneficial to those less fortunate.

We are happy to announce we have achieved this and we are totally committed to continuously expanding the base elements of Outback Australian Camels.

Camelman Dreaming. 
A must read for new owners of camels

Russell Osborne's story from the beginning of having a dream of being a camel owner to walking for two years the 6500 kms across Australia's deserts for a charity is a must read for owners of new camels.

Whether you've decided to own camels for your own property, have a desire to one day do a camel expedition of your own or even to begin to prepare yourself to enter into a commercial camel operation for yourself, the story of the preparation and operation of the Darwin to Melbourne Thank You Camel Expedition described in the book Camelman Dreaming provides inspiration and  insights into the very nature of camels and cameleering.

"Equal parts adventure story, ode to the beauty of the Outback, and social and environmental commentary, Camelman Dreaming documents the adversity, wonder, love, and sheer joy of life (and camels!) found in traversing the continent for a worthy cause. 
Inspirational and highly recommended reading. "

(Professor Tim Loreman, Concordia University College of Alberta, Canada.)

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