Russell Osborne
CEO Outback Australian Camels

Russell understands the value of school camps and extended excursions for the child's development and growth as students progress through the school years.

Having been a teacher of Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Education in numerous locations around Australia and Internationally over a fifteen year career, he has seen many changes in the delivery of education. 

"The need for students to experience the wilderness along with the opportunity to stretch themselves out of their comfort zone has never been greater than now. 
What a magnificent and rare opportunity Outback Australian Camels offers. 
Discovering nature as it was intended, getting away from the clutter of modern life, being away from multi-media influences and bonding with animals through quality, professionally crafted, Outdoor Educational Programs. 

It is life changing to say the least."  - Russell Osborne

Outback Australian Camels will tailor a program to suit your schools and students needs, meet curriculum aims and objectives, create programs for specialist subject disciplines and design programs for lead up activities as well as follow up classroom materials and activities. 

School Camps, Camel Treks 
and the 

Areas of Curriculum
* Journal Writing. 
* Short Story writing, 
* Recording of flora and fauna discoveries, * Science reports, 
* Letter writing,
By the end of the School Camel Camp,students will have:
* Completed a daily journal
* Completed an imaginative short story for publication.
* Been involved in recording of data
* Completed a short Science Report of their own choice but related to the natural   environment of the  region.
* Completed a letter of request to an environmental agency for protection of our natural   resources.
* Time and Distance Calculations, 
* Angles,
* Navigation, 
* Map reading and calculations, 
* Data Recording of Flora and Fauna,
By the end of the School Camel Camp, the students will have:
* Participated in activities related to time and distance
* Participated in activities involving angles and Navigation.
* Been invlved in map reading activities and daily distance walked calculations.
* Completed a data recording record of the types of flora and fauna discovered whilst   travelling.
 Physical Education
* Trekking, 
* Saddling camels, 
* Cross Country Hiking, 
* Morning and evening stretches,  
* Group Activities.
By the end of the School Camel Camp, the students will have:
* Been involved and actively participated in trekking a designated number of kilometers cross   country  per day.
* Partaken in a morning and evening stretch routine.
* Learnt the process of saddling camels, loading camels and unsaddling, unloading camels.
 Science and Technology
* Map Reading, 
* Natural Navigation, 
* Physics, 
* Aboriginal Traditional Technology, 
* Traditional tools and technologies, 
By the end of the School Camel Camp, the students will have:
* Taken part in the navigation of the camel trek using GPS, Map and Compass
* Investigated ways of navigation using natural science.
* Participated in physics using water balancing as a tool to investigate pressure.
* Discovered Aboriginal occupation sights and discovered uses of traditional tools.
 Environmental Science
* Flora and Fauna Recognition, 
* Nature Surveys, 
* Astrology, 
* Desert Ecosystem Studies, 
* Plant, Soil, Animal interrelationships      studies, 
* Geography, 
* Human Environmental Impact studies,
By the end of the School Camel Camp the students will have:
* Taken part in activities to recognise flora and fauna of the region
* Taken part in a Nature Survey
* Researched Desert Ecosystems
* Studied the interrationships between soil, plant and anmals of the region.
* Examined the geograpghy of the Northern Flinders Ranges and the sand dune country   adjacent to the Flinders Ranges.
* Examined Human Impacts to the Natural Environment of the region.
 Art and Music
* Sketching, 
* Painting, 
* Lithographs, 
* Sand Drawing and Casting, 
* Line and design, 
* Campfire Singing, 
* Traditional Music, 
* Natural Music, 
* Recording, 
* Song Writing.
By the end of the School Camel Camp, the students will have:
* Participated in a variety of art related activities.
* Discussed the uses of traditional music 
* Been involved in the recording of campfire singing
* Collectively created a song reflecting the School Camel Camp
*Aboriginal History, 
* Early Explorer History, 
* Geographical History, 
* Early Settler History, 
* Pastoral History, 
* Natural History,
By the end of the School Camel Camp, the students will have:
* Researched the known Aboriginal history of the region
* Researched the Early Explorer history of the region
* Investigated the Geographical history of the region.
* Researched the Early Settler history of the region
* Discovered the Pastoral history of the region
* Researched the Natural History of the region.

Previous School Camps 
Organised by Russell Osborne.


* Leadership Course. Yarra Junction Campus, 

 Caulfield  Grammar  School, Melbourne

* Carpendeit P.S. and surrounding district   Schools Camp,     Victoria

* Umbakumba School, Arnhem Land Interstate School  Camp

* Lentera International School Camp, Indonesia.

* Warakurna Interstate Cross Cultural School Camp

* Kalumburu W.A. School Camp

* Gold Coast College Of Business Retreat

* Phillip Institute of Technology Ski Club

* Phillip Institute of Technology Inter-college Sports

Further  Experience:

Taken thousands of people into the wilderness during 6 Years of Tour Guiding in Kakadu National Park, Nitmiluk National Park (Katherine, N.T), Litchfield National Park N.T., Kimberleys W.A.

For: Billy Can Tours, APT Tours, Kakadu Dreams, Goanna Eco Tours, Aussie Eco Tours N.T., Owner / Operator Sub-contractor in Tourism  N.T.

Professionally operated as Cameleer since 2006 

Head Cameleer,  Explore The Outback Camel Safaris

Owner / Operator / CEO Outback Australian Camels

Attention To Detail, 
Incorporating Fun and Pure Adventure whilst 
Reaching the Aims and Objectives that Meet Curriculum Standards.


Mission Statement:

"To create a unique experience for the adventurer, nature and animal lover."

"To evolve in such a way where human and animal connections are the core of our operation."

Our aims:

  • To be uniquely Australian.
  • To be an experience like no other on the adventure market.
  • To entice lasting positive memories.
  • To encourage the ability to rediscover the inner self.
  • To encourage the reconnection between nature and ourselves.
  • To provide a pathway for a loving and awe-inspiring bond between the camel and the human to take place.
  • To provide pathways for the expansion of knowledge about the camel and nature.
  • To provide opportunities for camel expedition and trekking education.
  • Most importantly, to create a community of caring, like-minded people who have developed a passion for the camel and are working    on projects that are beneficial to those less fortunate.

We are happy to announce we have achieved this and we are totally committed to continuously expanding the base elements of Outback Australian Camels.

100% Australian Family Owned and Operated Camel Safaris and Training

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