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You've come to the right place if you're passionate about connecting teenagers back to nature, hence back to themselves. You've landed here because you know that nature is the best place for teens to explore more about themselves by getting out of their comfort zones and relaxing into a more 'simple' life that has so many treasures to explore. 


Are you passionate about helping youth have a healthy transition into adulthood? 

Are you passionate about sharing your wisdom & support to teenagers feeling lost, without hope, low self esteem and unsure which way to turn?

How would you like to become a mentor to teens that need someone  to support them through their challenges & help faciliate them connecting back to nature and themselves? 

How would you like to be part our Youth Camel Camp self development program in the outback, with camels as our cargo carriers and to connect with....? Testing the unknown limits in us, blazing campfires under desert skies, life transformational experiences and so much more? If this sounds like you we invite you to apply (below) to become a Youth Camel Camp Mentor.

As a Youth Camel Camp Mentor you will have the unique opportunity to trek by foot with camels as our companions, all the  while discovering un-charted aspects of yourself.

A mentors sole purpose is to act as a support to teens on the YCC and continue an on going friendship after the adventure camp ends.... Someone they can rely on to to be heard or ask for some wisdom. 

Your personal growth as a mentor on Youth Camel Camp is inevitable. A lifetime adventure that you'll never forget.... WARNING, it may have you coming back for more

Must Knows:

> Being a Youth Camel Camp Mentor is a voluntary position.

> There are no large costs attached to becoming a mentor although some sorts of investment such as travel to camp & personal equipment (i.e. boots, hydration pack), police check (aprox $30) etc are necessary.

> You will be fully catered for (food, sleeping, accommodation etc) whilst on the Youth Camel Camp.

>  You need to be adventurous, love the outdoors & animals.

> You will have a unique adventure of a lifetime while helping support teens in their challenges whilst on trek.

> You will need to be able to walk 10km per day. 

> You will receive a training manual to support your work as a mentor on this camp.

If this sounds like you, we invite you to apply below.....

Youth Camel Camp Mentor Application

* indicates required
What is your fitness level?
Do You Have a Cleared Police Check?
Do you have a full drivers Licence?
Have you had any experience with camels before?
What is your dedication level to becoming a mentor

Thank you for your application! We will be in touch soon.

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