Youth Outback Adventure Camel Safari 

A unique Australian adventure specially designed for teens! 

Incorporating positive re-enforcement ofself-esteem

team building exercises, 

analysing hopes & dreams for a successful future 

and positive life strategies.


July 11th - 17th, 2016

(School holidays) 

Almerta Station, Flinders Ranges, South Australia 

A Self development & life adventure program 

in the wilderness of the Australian Outback!

Experience trekking (that’s right no riding) with the camels in the historic and picturesque 

Flinders Ranges, South Australia, with Australia’s premier Camel Safaris, 

Outback Australian Camels.

Bond with the Camels under the guidance of experienced Cameleers

Sleep under the stars in comfortable swags

Walk the diverse and rugged lands, from red sand dunes to open valleys.

"A different young man after that camel trip! He has a newfound sense of responsibility, leadership qualities, confidence and self-assuredness, I'll be sending more kids next year!"

- Ron, Youth Development Officer

Hear from some of the teens that have been on this camp....


WHY Youth Camel Camp?

Russell & Tara joined together to create the Youth Camel Camp after they saw a growing need for the young people of today to ‘escape’ their daily grind of media, outside influences confusing teens from their own identity, peer pressure and experience something profound and completely life altering.

Growing up as a teen is hard (we all remember that!), but with the right tools, mentors and positive mindset, teens can now have the chance to feel like something is for sure in their developing bodies and minds, and that is - themselves! 

Our core values is what gives this self development program for youth in 

Australia a new foundation to build a positive life from. 

On this trek your child will learn:

Basic and necessary survival skills

--> Navigation

---> building camp fire and cooking

---> Environmental awareness 

How to deal with challenging situations

---> Team building exercises

---> Negotiation skills

---> Listening skills

Positive life strategies

---> Daily open discussions

---> Journalling exercises

---> Adult mentorship & Guidance  

And most importantly - to have the time of their life!


“My Daughter was struggling with low self- esteem due to bulling. When I was told about the camel camp I immediately thought my daughter would benefit. What a wonderful and exciting way to connect to herself, nature and of course those beautiful camels! I felt she needed to find confidence in herself by doing the unknown and getting out of her comfort zone. She gained valuable experience and growth from this camp! She came back more connected to her true self, she has developed trusting relationships with those close to her and she even comes camping with us now!” 

– Deanna, Mother of 14yo 


Age group set for this Youth Camel Camp is 13-17 years

This is for your teen if they are one or more of the below:

  • Seems unsure of themselves
  • Lacks the ability to open up and talk
  • Lacks healthy self-esteem
  • Struggles to fit in
  • Needs a new lease on life (new hope)
  • Lacks awareness of the world around them
  • Troubled 
  • Been involved with peer pressure
  • Suffering from bullying
  • Lacks confidence
  • Lacking motivation for life
  • Involved with negative influences
  • Needs a Break


All inclusive: Transfer to & from Adelaide to Flinders Ranges, Meals, Swags, mentors, equipment, supplies.

*Payment Plans Available*  


Want to talk with us? 

Tara: 0417 109 551


“My teenage daughter was struggling with life and needed some time out, not just from her daily life, but also from her day-to-day perception of herself.

The Youth Camel Camp gave her the opportunity to take part in a safe bush experience with supportive mentors and kids her own age. Removed from daily pressures of city and school she could go to a place in her own mind that would help her to find some peace.

The result was a new perspective, her world expanded and she felt she could make a fresh start. Not only did she realise she was part of a bigger world (the desert does that to a person) but she also found that she is not the only person to have feelings, problems and issues, but that everyone goes through it in their lives, including camels sometimes!

I highly recommend the Youth Camel Camp to any parent who has a teenager who is struggling with life.”

- Kirsten, Mother to 13yo


Location: Almerta Station, Flinders Ranges, South Australia

Carrieton, South Australia

Core VALUES OF Youth Camel Camp: 

  1. Increasing and encouraging healthy self esteem

--> Supporting a healthy outlook on themselves, hence others.

---> Sense of personal security

---> Realisation of gifts and talents

  1. Cooperation and team building exercises   

--> Validation and Listening skills

--> Negotiation skills

---> Respect for others

  1. Encouraging youth to set goals and have and achieve dreams

--> Increased motivation for life

--> Purposeful life

--> Independence and self sustainability 

  1. Encourage a human and camel connection

--> Increased awareness of the camel & releasing fears about the unknown

--> Increased responsibility through daily Camel husbandry

--> Increased respect for animals using ‘trust based’ handling which develops healthy relationship skills in all fellow human interaction.

What will your child do on a daily basis?

  • Wake on sunrise, gather around campfire and share a breakfast & morning discussion
  • Pack up camp (each day will be a new camp)
  • Shepherd camels while they graze
  • Groom, saddle and pack packs onto camels
  • Set off Trekking the land
  • Stop for lunch, pack up and begin to trek again.
  • Find a camp for the night (usually in sand dunes)
  • Unload camel packs and unsaddle
  • Shepherd the camels
  • Bring camels back in for the night
  • Settle into night camp, share a meal and nights activities/discussions.

Meet The Leaders/Mentors

Tara Lea - Youth Camel Camp Manager
Cameleer, Co-owner Outback Australian Camels, Life Coach, Parent: 

Since Tara was a teen herself she has dedicated a large part of her life to be a mentor and friend to youth. Tara began her journey helping youth through running community programs and being a mentor/leader on School holiday youth camps in Victoria, Australia. Tara offered teens inspiration and encouragement with her open friendliness and contagious energy and often produced an important bond with teens which in turn helped them face the fears and overcome challenging situations.

Since 2010 Tara been an inspirational and self empowerment Life Coach to people all over the world helping people create massive life transformation with her warm personality and ability to get people to 'think outside the box'.   

Now a mum to 3 children of her own she dedicates her life to her family firstly, followed by her co-owned and operated company 'Outback Australian Camels' where she, with her partner Russell Osborne, utilise their herd of camels as pack camels to help transform, inspire and encourage people's personal growth by getting them away from ordinary life and getting back to basics in the outback, while offering a hands on approach to the largely misunderstood camel.

Tara has a passion for helping  'our next generation' while realising that they are our future and they need good positive mentors and role models to help them form good foundations to an inspired life that they love and naturally want to outreach to others.

Tara has organised her first Charity Camel Trek for 2014 where she and her dedicated team of Trekkers will trek to raise funds to rescue young girls from sex trafficking in south east Asia and offer them education and creative jobs to sustain their lives: (


Russell Osborne - Head Cameleer
Head Cameleer, Co-owner Outback Australia Camels, Author, Life Coach, Children First Foundation Ambassador, Parent:

Russell's career path ranges from being a dedicated school teacher in isolated Aboriginal communities through out Australia and internationally for over 15 years along with many years of tour guiding experience in Australia’s Top End. Russell has a deep passion and understanding for the outback and what the 'land' can really offer on a personal level as well as compassion and understanding for the youth in the world and the challenges they face on a daily basis. 

Russell has dedicated 13 years of his life amongst other things - to organising a walking expedition of over 6,500 kms with camels from Darwin to Melbourne to raise money for the Children First Foundation. Russell successfully completely this trek over a 2 year period from 2006-2008 and recently published his book 'Camelman Dreaming' in 2013 of his journey, challenges and life changing situations. 

Russell gives public presentations about his 'big walk' from the top end of Australia to Melbourne whilst inspiring people to consider the world and its issues on a larger scale. 

Russell is the founder, co-owner and operator at Outback Australian Camels with his life partner Tara Lea, where they dedicate a large part of their time to co-create meaningful and inspirational camel treks in the depths of the Australian Outback. 


Other carefully selected mentors will be part of this trek to help your teen to feel supported on the journey. 

Passionate about helping youth? Want to become a Youth Camel Camp Mentor? CLICK HERE to apply


NOTE: All leaders/mentors have successfully passed Police Checks and have Working With children check


Are parents welcome to come?

We specifically designed this program to help mentor and influence teens away from their normal environment. Through years of conducting youth camps there has been a common theme: when youth get away from the familiar they open up to trust and a whole new set of possibilities!

If you would like to experience a camel safari trek with your teen, please inquire for a separate date and booking - Click HERE.

If you desire a holiday for yourself while you child is on this camp, we suggest exploring the magnificent Flinders Ranges and beyond. There are many things to see and do in the ranges and you may even want to head for Cober Peady!?

Can I contact my child while on this camp?

Where we trek there is limited mobile phone coverage, but some places a phone call or text can be achieved. In these circumstances the leaders will advise participants that they can now use their mobile phones. It is the responsibility of the participant to care for their own mobile phone and conserve their battery powder (since we don't have electricity). We do carry a Satellite phone for emergencies only. 

What if there is an emergency?

If by chance that we experience an emergency of sudden illness, injury or the like we will implement our safety procedure plan and contact emergency services via satellite phone.

At all times we carry a First Aid kit for the less serious situations, and have qualified First Aid attendant. 

Any further questions please email us: [email protected]

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